Business Plans with Heart

Want to create a comprehensive plan for your authentic, thriving, profitable business? 

Maybe you don’t have a business yet, or are unsure of where to start with writing a business plan.  

A business plan with heart becomes a beacon for your business. Create a business plan that you actually look at and use to make strategic and smart decisions.

A two page, well thought out plan with strategies and goals covering sales, marketing, communications, financial elements are all essential. But where they get boring is when they don’t have heart. A heart-centered business plan infuses the Vision, Values & Mission of the individual into the company.

Your Business Plan with Heart is the foundation for your business that will create an authentic, thriving and profitable business.

Work with Your Brand Power and Deb Alcadinho privately or in group sessions to create your Business Plan for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs. Visit our Workshops page to review the schedule for upcoming group classes or contact us to learn more or book your private session.