Consulting & Coaching

Deb Alcadinho, is a business consultant and coach for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a kick-ass, yet heart-centered business. 

She’s passionate about creating empowered business owners who want to move their business forward and experience significant growth; to build a vibrant, sustainable, financially sound businesses which supports their family and serves their community. Deb is a sought after business consultant and coach, speaker and workshop leader. PEAK Business Success Program is her signature training program.

Deb’s background is in business development, entrepreneurship and sales + marketing. She ‘gets’ the entrepreneurial challenges, she’s owned 7 businesses. She’s weathered economic storms; worked full time while growing businesses on the side, raised a family, cared for an aging parent… and always helping others to grow their businesses!

Individual Business Consulting & Coaching 

Deb works individually with clients for:

Business Plan Development * Company Vision, Purpose, Values * Creating Better Time Management * Creating Better Money Management * Marketing * Branding

Team Consulting

Bring your team together for group brainstorming:

Company Vision * Company Mission * Marketing Material Overhaul

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