Ideal Client & Target Market

You work hard to create profits for your business

When you market, advertise or speak to your audience, you know that sometimes you hit the mark and sometimes you don’t. Some ad campaigns fall flat, some Facebook ads don’t reach the desired audience, some email marketing doesn’t work. Why?  You are not speaking to your target audience and in particular your ideal client.

You are wasting your two most precious resources – time & money – if you are not crystal clear on who your audience is and how to reach them. 

An ideal client is not a singular person, but rather a group of people all fitting the same profile of the person you want to work with, serve or sell to.

Your Brand Power works with small business and entrepreneurs to help you define both your target market and your ideal client.  We work with our clients in private or group sessions.

Visit the workshops page to learn about upcoming group sessions or contact us to work privately.