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Modular Overview

Our Vision at Your Brand Power is to transform business by educating business owners. You will be empowered to take action, held accountable and supported in your journey.

PEAK Modular Training Program allows you to pick the training that’s right for your business.

We’ve selected some content from the Elite one-year program and offer it as modular training. Choose from:

  • Speed to the Cash. Sales Training 101
  • Designing an Actionable Business Plan.
  • Financial Bootcamp 101 – Getting Comfortable With Your Money
  • Financial Bootcamp 102 – Understanding Financial Statements + How To Use Them
  • Marketing 101 –  What Are You Really Selling?
  • Marketing 102 – Save Time & Money: Speak to Your Target Market & Ideal Client
  • Marketing 103 – Know Your Competition
  • Creating a Heart-Centered Business – Your Vision. Part One
  • Creating a Heart-Centered Business – Putting Your Vision Into Action. Part Two
  • Creating a Heart-Centered Business – Living Into Your Purpose.  Part Three
  • Creating a Heart-Centered Business – Lead a Values-Driven Business.  Part Four

What you get in the modular training vs the full Elite Program: flexibility  * choose the class that’s right for you  *  short duration  *  no commitment

What you don’t get in modular training:  full Elite Program training, support and resources  *  full access and support from Deb and her team of professionals  *  small cohort (group) experience and ongoing commitment with other business owners  * accountability to your cohort  *  discovery sessions  *  Q&A sessions with trainers


Module Descriptions

Speed to the Cash – Sales Training 101

Working with international trainer Joe Girard, you will learn how to generate some sales and increase your revenue right away. He delivers solid tools, strategies and mindset to get you making sales! Joe returns later in the program to deliver more in depth sales training.



Design an Actionable Business Plan

Want to create a comprehensive plan for your authentic, thriving, profitable business? Maybe you don’t have a business yet, or are unsure of where to start with writing a business plan. A business plan with heart becomes a beacon for your business. Create a business plan that you actually look at and use to make strategic and smart decisions.  A two page, well thought out plan with strategies and goals covering sales, marketing, communications, financial elements are all essential. But where they get boring is when they don’t have heart. A heart-centered business plan infuses the Vision, Values & Mission of the individual into the company. Your Business Plan with Heart is the foundation for your business that will create an authentic, thriving and profitable business.



Financial Bootcamp 101 – Get Comfortable With Your Money

What’s your money mindset? You’re in business to make money, but sometimes your mindset sabotages your earnings. Learn strategies to overcome money issues that are holding your back from earning your worth. We’ll bust some beliefs, get you to a mindset of abundance and acceptance and then set up proven systems to track your money.



Financial Bootcamp 102 – Understanding Financial Statements + How To Use Them

So your bookkeeper or accountant hands you the monthly or quarterly financial statements and you tuck them away in a file and don’t look at them again. You’ve got money in the bank, that’s all you’re really concerned about. Sound familiar? In this class, you’ll learn how to read financial statements, how to use the information in your overall financial picture, business plan and strategies. The money piece is a huge piece in your business. We’ll cover: cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, accounts receivable + payable, expense statement and if your business requires inventory management we’ll cover that too. You’ll understand how these financials will help you determine if you are spending your time doing the things that generate the most money for you. How to rejig or reconfigure your strategies and get a complete handle on your financial picture.



Marketing 101 –  What Are You Really Selling?

What is your business idea or concept? What is your primary product or service?

We will define your differentiating factors – what is unique and different about you and your business. And what are the features & benefits of your product or service.

This product or service analysis is the first essential step in communicating and marketing your product or service.



Marketing 102 – Save Time & Money: Speak to Your Target Market & Ideal Client

Stop wasting your time and money by reaching the wrong customer.  Speak to the clients you want to serve! Get clear.

You can’t be everything to everyone, so be something to someone!

Your someone  is not a single person, but a group of people who want to buy your product or service. Defining your niche and creating your ideal client enables you to literally visualize them and craft your marketing messages.

Who you will sell your products or services to? Completing a target market analysis and then focusing on your ideal clients will help you avoid ‘spray and pray’ with your marketing.

We’ll define their pain points, needs and challenges so you can market and communicate to them more effectively with your solutions.  We will look at Where to find your customers and How you will sell your products or services.



Marketing 103 – Know Your Competition

In this section we will complete a comprehensive competitive analysis. It’s imperative to know who your competitors are and what makes your company different or better. A full analysis will give you the necessary knowledge to sell the heck out of your product or service because you can speak to what is different about you!



Creating a Heart-Centered Business – Your Vision. Part One

You are the Heart of Your Business.  If you want to deliver something exceptional for your customers, your team, yourself… then it all starts with you. Your higher vision drives everything you do. Your higher vision is more than just the vision for your business, it’s your vision for what you see possible.  You may be clear on the direction for your business but you don’t feel whole and you can’t put your finger on it, something is missing. Connecting with your higher vision aligns everything in your life and business. It’s the heart piece. It’s the needle on the compass that will help you with every decision you make. Get Clear.  This is part one of creating your personal brand. But it’s more than that, it’s about laying the foundation for BUILDING A BUSINESS that is GREAT, not just a great business. Your business can truly make a difference in this world and you will generate more profits in return. Do you want to empower your customer to share your philosophy, your company, engage with them on a higher level, which leads to more customers.  It all starts with your higher vision. Creating a heart-centered business is about connecting with your heart and soul, the true essence of you.  This will literally change way you approach your business and create ripples of change.



Creating a Heart-Centered Business. Putting Your Vision Into Action. Part Two

Now that you’re clear on your vision, what actions can you take to support this vision?  A vision without action is wasted. Every GREAT company had a vision larger than themselves. Do you want that for your business? Do you want to build a business that makes a difference in this world? We will explode your vision into actionable items you can do in your business and your life to see it become a reality and experience the ripples of change.



Creating a Heart-Centered Business. Living Into Your Purpose.  Part Three

Do you feel like you are truly living into your purpose and doing the work you were intended to do?  If your business is aligned with your vision and purpose, you come from a directional place and truly love what you do. You’re like a magnet, everyone feels it, sees it and wants what you have! Connect with your higher purpose and watch your business soar.  The vision piece completed in Part One speaks to what you see possible for the world. Your purpose is the internal piece. It’s the role you play in helping the world to realize that vision. Like the other classes, this one is highly experiential. You will learn about, brainstorm and work on your purpose. A small class keeps the experience intimate and supportive. And I’ll be there to support you in your journey after the class.



Creating a Heart-Centered Business. Lead a Values-Driven Business.  Part Four

Ever feel like things aren’t in alignment in your business? Something is out of place. If you have employees they will feel it too.  Ever ask yourself, “Who Am I?” “What Do I Stand For?” “What’s Important to Me?” Your values are like your internal GPS. If you wander off track, it’s your values that will bring you back on track.  Want to attract people of like mind who share the same desire to lead a purposeful, authentic life? Once you have clearly defined, articulated and express your values, you will have access to living a profound life of integrity and of course it spills into your business and all aspects of your life. Learn how to connect to your values, integrate them into your business in a purposeful way and connect with your customers on a whole different level. Think your values aren’t important to your customers, think again! Your clients see it, hear it and feel it, when they do business with a company where there isn’t an alignment of values. Lead from a values-driven business and become a magnet for your customers.


Registration + Payment

Each module is 3 hours in duration. Registration is required for each module, individually. Click the link found next to each description.

Cost is $249 each. 10% discount applies for multi-module registration.  To pay by cheque, please contact us



The PEAK Modular Training is delivered by Deb Alcadinho and a group of trusted professionals. Deb and every one of trainers have been in your shoes. There are common threads with every entrepreneur and chances are we’ve been there and can guide you through.



  • An Entrepreneur launching a new business, OR
  • An existing business owner wanting to increase the performance of their business in one or more of – sales, branding, marketing, communication, financial
  • Motivated to grow your business
  • Looking for practical tools to apply to your business
  • Comfortable learning and interacting with other people in a group setting
  • Ready to commit and invest time in growing your business



  • You lack motivation
  • You are looking for a magic bullet to fix your business
  • You prefer working alone and not in group environments (one-on-one consulting may be better for you)
  • You don’t have the time to invest
  • Maintaining confidentiality of others information is challenging for you
  • Maintaining commitments is difficult


“Deb’s training program is incredible. It’s not just professional development, it’s personal growth work as well. Having scheduled workshop times allowed me to show up and be present to work on my business. I loved the small group setting, since I could also bounce ideas off of Deb and the other smart business women in the group.”


JUHLi SELBy Social Media

Think you’re ready for a little more? The ELITE Program is an in-depth one year training program that will equip you with every element for your business success.

Want to create a kick-ass business?  *  Or have a current business that needs re-tooled?
Sometimes business accidentally happens and takes off, without much structure put in place. It’s often later you realize you need to put systems and processes in place to make it sustainable and viable for the long run.
Check out ELITE below. Get ready to completely transform your business!


Our Vision at Your Brand Power is to transform business by educating business owners. You will be empowered to take action, held accountable and supported in your journey.

The Elite 12 month program will completely transform your business!

Module 1 – Speed to the Cash Module 2 – Branding – Building the Foundation Module 3 – Business Fundamentals Module 4 – Business Plans 101 Module 5 – Business Goals Module 6 – Marketing Module 7 – Sales Module 8 – Financial Bootcamp Module 9 – Communications Module 10 – Brand Brilliant Websites & Social Media Excellence Module 11 – Operations Module 12 – Human Resources Module 13 – Legal


Module One: Speed to the Cash – Sales Training 101

Working with international trainer Joe Girard, you will learn how to generate more sales and increase your revenue right away. He delivers solid tools, strategies and mindset to get you making sales! Joe returns later in the program to deliver more in depth sales training.

Module Two:  Building the Foundation

Creating a solid foundation is essential for the success of your business. This section covers mindset, personal branding, the WHY you do what you do, your vision, purpose, values, passions, what sets you apart from your competitor and more.

Module Three: Business Fundamentals

We ensure your business foundation is strong by going through some fundamental checks and balances for your business. Many business owners miss some important steps – business structure, licencing, laws and regulations, taxes, business banking, record keeping, payroll, invoicing, insurance, WorkSafe BC.

Module Four: Business Plans

Every successful business needs a literal roadmap so you know what direction you are going – that’s your business plan. The business plan forms the basis for every decision you make for your small business.

Module Five: Business Goals

Without goals, how do you know if reached your targets? We will define your goals and set actionable steps and timelines to attain them.

Module Six: Marketing

This is an in depth analysis of defining your clients and target market, product and service analysis, competitive analysis and SWOT analysis.

Module Seven: Sales 202

Now that you’ve defined your product offering, know who you are communicating to and can understand your competition, then it’s time to learn how to sell and develop some winning techniques. Joe Girard returns to complete your training.

Module Eight: Financial Bootcamp

Your financial literacy is the backbone of your business. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your financial picture and how to read and use your financial documents. Cash flow, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Management, Revenues, Expenses, Inventory management, Cost of goods, Setting up systems for tracking, Business banking, Grants and financing options

Module Nine: Communication

In this all important module we’ll look at communication options, what makes sense for your business and your personal communication style. Refine your communication skills Create a simple communication plan Networking and developing your personal network Public speaking and perfecting your elevator pitch and presentations.

Module Ten: Brand Brilliant Websites & Social Media Excellence

Planning success with Brand Brilliant website – branding & marketing fundamentals Marketing your website Website conversions and inbound marketing Visual branding and imaging Social Media excellence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Module Eleven: Operations

Operational requirements covered include Systems and processes for efficiency Time management Handling your growth Scaling your business

Module Twelve: Human Resources

Best practices in knowing when to hire and doing it effectively How to fire ethically Employees vs subcontractors Payroll

Module Thirteen: Legal

Wills Power of Attorney Life Insurance Licensing or franchising Understanding contracts and agreements


One-time payment:  $3999  Save $300 by making a one-time payment

Monthly payment option: $275 per month for 12 months + $1000 initial installment.  Total: $4300

Pay by credit card or PayPal on the link below. To pay by cheque, please contact us



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