Deb is an entrepreneurial business owner, educator, mentor and leader, and an active speaker in the community.  Providing training workshops and seminars, speaking to businesses, student groups and professional organizations, Deb engages her audience and empowers them to achieve success.


Keynote  •  Educational Seminar or Training  •  Business Team Meetings  •  College or University  •  Professional Organization  •  Service Organization

Deb speaks about:

Create a Winning Personal Brand for Students + Young Professionals

Create a Winning Brand for Entrepreneurs + Small Business Owners

Write a Comprehensive 2 page Business Plan for Your Business

Save Time & Money. Speak to Your Target Market & Ideal Client

Marketing 101. What Are You Really Selling

Marketing 102 – Know Your Competition

Create a Heart-Centered Business. Build a Business That Matters

Become a Networking Rock Star



Deb Alcadinho, is a business advisor and personal branding strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners at Your Brand Power. She is an enthusiast supporter of business women and a strong community connector as the founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network 

Deb ‘gets’ the entrepreneurial challenges, she’s owned 7 businesses. Actually 7 if you count the first two when she was 10 1/2! She understands what busy lives look like:  At 25 she was working in a full time j.o.b., owning & operating a manufacturing business, and married with a young son. And because she wasn’t busy enough she worked with a direct sales company too. By 35, she was on her third business, while continuing to work full time and raising a family of 3 boys. The next decade saw her boys grow, and she entered the media industry, while running a more-than-full-time business on the side.  In the last few years, she  finally left the j.o.b.’s behind and entered full time entrepreneurship – now owning and operating two very busy and active businesses. Westshore Women’s Business Network and Your Brand Power.

Deb is often asked, “What drives your entrepreneurial spirit?”  She replies, “My hard working, social and entrepreneurial parents were a big influence in my life.  My grandfather and great-grandfather are founding members of Abbotsford having owned several businesses that spanned almost 100 years.”

She’s passionate about creating empowered business owners who want to move their business forward and experience significant growth; to build a vibrant, sustainable, financially sound businesses which supports their family and serves their community. Deb is a sought after business advisor and coach, speaker and workshop leader. She provides business training and coaching, personal branding training and networking skills development. PEAK Business Success Program is her signature training program for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Deb loves Victoria (can’t imagine moving back to the Vancouver!) and is a busy mom with 3 boys. She believes we must not waste the knowledge and wisdom we possess, but rather give it away and mentor others; she mentors with the UVIC Gustavson School of Business and Women’s Enterprise Centre. She was honored to receive the Unlimited Woman of Mentorship and Leadership award in 2015. An active member of the Soroptimist Westshore she contributes to improving the lives of women and girls locally and internationally.

She mentors at UVIC Gustavson School of Business and Women’s Enterprise Centre and is an active member with Soroptimist Westshore working to improve the lives of women and girls.